Product Safety & Quality

We are focused on being a center of excellence and innovation, providing the best quality and safest products to customers across the globe

Our Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, safety, quality, and transparency are our top priorities. Our brands always keep the end-user in mind when selecting their ingredients, opting for fewer chemicals, and using plant-derived ingredients whenever possible. When it comes to product formulation, our internal regulation board focuses on raw material research and compliance, ensuring that all our products contain only the very best ingredients. 

100% handmade soap bar

Our Standards

As with our products, we hold ourselves to the highest possible quality standards in the manufacturing process. All BAA manufacturing sites are ISO 9001:2015-certified and our personal care production sites are ISO 13485:2016-certified. This ensures that the quality, safety, and efficiency of our products is held to a consistently high standard providing safe workplaces for our employees and ensuring high quality products for our customers.

Product Quality

All our products undergo rigorous testing and follow strict quality control processes to ensure that they are high-performing, safe, and compliant. We employ top research and development teams to ensure our products are backed by science, engineering, and quality control checkpoints. Our mission is to make sure that everything we offer is at the cutting edge of body art technology, safe for both artists and clients, and engineered to last.

4 Key Pillars of Product Safety & Quality Control


We ensure all BAA products and ingredients meet or exceed regulatory standards for all electronic and cosmetic uses across the globe. 


We focus on sourcing the most sustainable ingredients & working closely with suppliers on new sustainable initiatives & innovations. 


Our products undergo extensive testing at every level of manufacturing and with our team of artists to ensure every product performs at the highest level of quality.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. Customer feedback is consistently utilized for improving our products and furthering innovation